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Hey RV Guys – Helping one RV’er at a Time!

Hitch collapsing is a type of frame failure on travel trailers. In today’s video I’m going to be answering the following questions about RV frame “hitch collapsing”: – What is RV hitch collapsing?

  • – What causes this type of frame failure?
  • – Could RVs be built in such a way that prevents this failure?
  • – How do I avoid RV hitch collapsing on my travel trailer?
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Some of the sources I mentioned in the film:
FREE” Do n’t Buy a Lemon” Guide- https ://www
FREE” Do n’t Get Stranded”! Checklist- https ://www
Tool- Free Car Maintenance Course- https ://www

Hey RV Guys - Helping one RV'er at a time!

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