RV accessory manufacturer RecPro unveiled its new converters, which are made to properly turn power while enjoying the outdoors.

The new range of Car converters has built-in bright getting technology to simultaneously charge RV batteries and change AC power to functional DC power.

The Smart Charging have has four different getting modes: Equalization Charge, Trickle Pay, Standard Charge. Also, each converter offers three result modes: 13.0v, 14.6, and 16.5, and models range in power from 35 to 125 amps.

We designed these new converters with those needs in mind because, as ardent RVers ourselves, we recognize the value of security and effective power.

Additionally, RecPro’s Car converters have built-in protection against slow polarisation, overloading, and overheating. The unit is kept cool and calm by an privately mounted cooling fan.

For RV owners who want to maintain their batteries charged and their Car running smoothly, RecPro’s new range of RV converter is the ideal solution. These adapters are sure to offer years of dependable service thanks to Smart Charging and built-in safety, according to the company.

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