Outside Van announced its latest concept adventure vehicle, dubbed Pacer, will soon be on sale and “is expected to sell quickly.”

Built using a 2021 4WD Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 170 3500 chassis as its foundation, Pacer is described as a “sanctuary for nomadic professional endurance athletes to prepare, rest and recover, as they travel to compete in professional endurance sports such as trail running and obstacle course racing,” the company said.

Key features of Pacer are a motorized altitude bed that raises and lowers with the touch of a button, a double-wide galley kitchen for healthy meal prep on-the-go and a large shower with a flush-mounted Red Light Therapy Emitter by Clearlight that transforms the shower into a recovery sauna.

Outside Van said Pacer began its life on the whiteboard years before production.

“Functional van conversions have become the norm in the world of endurance athletes as competitions stretch out into remote outdoor locations, and often begin and end with the rise and setting of the sun. By utilizing a camper van, athletes can arrive days before a competition and spend more time prepping without having to factor in lengthy and complex travel arrangements and often expensive hotel stays. With this in mind, Outside Van set a goal to build a vehicle that compliments this lifestyle so that athletes can stay in the competitive mindset and perform at their full potential,” the company said.

Outside Van’s Altitude bed allows for the back area of the van to transform from a sleeping-focused space to gear access by raising the queen bed platform to the ceiling and opening access to the garage. The underside of the bed platform has embedded lights, while the garage itself features removable MOLLE panels, durable Lonseal flooring, mesh storage pockets and L-track mounted on all primary surfaces for gear storage options such as mountain bikes, first aid kits and recovery gear.

The unit includes a hot/cold water mixer fed off the 25-gallon freshwater tank and a 960-amp-hour lithium battery power system that powers numerous 12-volt and USB power outlets throughout the van.

The passenger side of the van houses a lengthy bench that extends, allowing for full-body relaxation while using recovery gear such as Normatec Compression Leggings or Hyperbole Percussion Massagers made by Hyperice.

The shower’s red-light therapy bar system uses a mixture of light wavelengths that help with muscle and skin rehabilitation – an added luxury for outdoor athletes who push their bodies to their limits in extreme environments. When not in use, the Clearlight system can be covered with a waterproof flap, and a collapsible water-proof shelving system can be installed via L-Track to turn the extra shower space into a functional closet.

Pacer is an exploration into what is possible with a van conversion, the company said.

See the full Pacer gallery here.

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