Do you want to leave the house? This worry to resume boondocking? Looking for Boondockers Welcome sites for nice weather?

Wanting to get out of the house? Can’t wait to get back to boondocking? Looking for warm weather Boondockers Welcome sites?

Finding Warm Weather Locations

Warm weather camping locations are incredibly competitive during those winter months. And if you are under the age of 55, it might seem impossible for you to find a spot. But having access to Boondockers Welcome 3,000+ locations can give you a leg up on the competition.

Let’s look at some great warm weather spots for all the snowbirds out there.

Kate’s Mesquite Farm

If you are looking to take advantage of those Arizona sunsets, Kate’s Mesquite Farm should be a consideration for you. They have four acres of undeveloped land in a great location. At this location, you can stay up to five nights. They offer power, water, and a dump station for a reasonable donation.

What makes this place special—besides the hosts—is the location. It is near Tombstone, Sierra Vista, and Bisbee. All three of these locations are wonderful places to visit. Plus, they are only 35 minutes to the border town of Naco.

Get your Boondockers Welcome Membership and then book your stay with The Mesquite Farm of Kate.

Visit Fort Myers, Florida with This Host

If you are looking for some beach time, you may consider staying at the Stevensons’. Sitting between the highway and the beach, you’ll find this host is ready to host the largest RVs out there.

This host location is a perfect spot to take a breather. They are incredibly close to the beach in Fort Myers. You are allowed to stay up to four nights and have a drive that is over 60 feet long for the largest of RVs. Plus, the driveway is really wide and this helps with those that struggle backing their RV in.

There are water and electricity—30/50 amp—hookups here for a nominal donation.

Visit Austin, Texas From This Location

The Hill Country Hosts is conveniently located 30 minutes from Austin and at the door steps of the Texas Hill Country. Here you can stay up to three nights, have access to electricity—50A—a campfire ring, and an off leash area for your pups.

This host has plenty of room for larger RVs and a separate area for your tow vehicle too. If you are nice, they may even share their pool with you. We know Austin might not be warm enough for everyone in the winter months, but can the chance to visit Austin and the Texas Hill Country without camping fees persuade you?

A Hideout In Southern California

The Paradise Mountain Host—located in Valley Center, CA—could be a great place to escape to during those cold winter months. The weather is great and you don’t need to jump into a crowded city.

This host is located between San Diego and Los Angeles in a mountain retreat. Their three acre property has plenty of shade from oak trees with a natural rock swimming pool. In this host area, you can find hiking trails, nut farms, wineries, casinos, a small fishing lake, and plenty of wildlife.

This host allows pets, has room for your slide outs, a separate tow vehicle space, and generators until 10—though they do have 50A hookups for a donation. Consider requesting your Paradise Mountain retreat now with your own Boondockers Welcome Membership.

Boondockers Welcome Offers Plenty More Snowbird Hosts

These aren’t the only options for Boondockers Welcome Members. There are plenty more just like these. With 3,000+ locations that offer free overnight RV parking on private property all over North America, where will you stop next?

By Alyssa Chartier


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