Go RVing completed 13 experiential events so far this year, resulting in a total of 94,574 tours.

Experiential events are a core part of Go RVing’s strategy to expose diverse audiences to RVing and an active outdoor lifestyle in an unexpected setting, the company said.

Dana DelVecchio, Go RVing’s senior manager of programs and experiential events, emphasized that the events’ purpose is to educate and inform consumers. Taking place at venues such as fairs and festivals, outdoor sports, music events and multicultural celebrations, the experientials give consumers real-world opportunities to engage firsthand with RVs. This encourages them to share their experiences and become more likely to make a purchase themselves, Go RVing said.

Consumers who tour RVs at the experiential events are often exploring an RV for the first time or curious about newer RV models. Throughout the tour, audiences learn about the diverse types of modern RVs and discover that RV travel is a lot more affordable and accessible than they had imagined.

“This has been an incredibly successful year for our experiential events,” said DelVecchio. “We were excited to see so much interest in our displays throughout the year. We look forward to hosting next year’s experiential events and introducing even more consumers across the country to the joys of RVing.”

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