The RV Industry Association (RVIA) published a detailed Q&A to answer expected questions on the new Clean Truck Check requirements issued by the California Air Resource Board (CARB).

Testing Deadlines/Certification

  • When do we have to start reporting?
    The reporting window opened in October, information and compliance fees for vehicles operating in California will need to be entered by 12-31-2023.
  • How many emissions checks will be required every year?
    That answer depends a little bit on what type of vehicle you own, and what year it is.

    • In 2024, there is only one test required per vehicle as testing deadlines will begin no sooner than July 2024. Testing deadlines are based on your DMV registration or the last digit of the VIN (for non-California registered vehicles and vehicles exempt from California DMV registration) In 2025 and 2026, there will be semi-annual testing for non-agricultural vehicles and non-California registered motorhomes. The second test per year will be due six months after your first test. Starting in 2027, vehicles equipped with OBD equipment will begin reporting quarterly. Additional information is provided HERE.
  • Will Vehicle Compliance Certificates need to be in the vehicles?
    It is not a requirement; however, CARB recommends keeping a record of your compliance certificate easily accessible.
  • Will submitted compliance tests be stored/viewable in the CTC-VIS database for each vehicle?
    Yes, when testing for Clean Truck Check begins in 2024, the tests will be in CTC-VIS.
  • After we report in CTC-VIS, do we still have to follow the Periodic Testing schedule?
    Once you report and pay your compliance fees by the end of 2023, vehicles subject to Clean Truck Check will need to comply with ongoing periodic testing requirements. Please send additional questions to
  • Does the Portal alert when CTC tests are coming due for units registered?
    If your vehicles are reported in CTC-VIS and the annual per vehicle compliance fees are paid, you will receive alerts once the periodic testing aspect begins in 2024.
  • Does every truck get its own certificate or does the company get one?
    Each vehicle will receive its own individual compliance certificate. You may also print an affirmation of fleetwide compliance for the fleet when the entire fleet is in compliance with Clean Truck Check.
  • When will the testing begin?
    CARB expects the periodic vehicle testing requirements will become effective in mid-2024 with each vehicle subject to one test in 2024 ranging from July 1 to December 31 depending on your DMV registration expiration date for CA registered vehicles or the last digit of your VIN for out-of-state registered and exempt plated vehicles. Please refer to Guidance to Vehicle Owners on 2024 Periodic Testing Requirements for Vehicles Subject to Semiannual Testing | California Air Resources Board.

Read the full Q&A addressing payment, exemptions, technicalities and more here.

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