Winegard announced a new product launch of its smart RV ecosystem, dubbed RV Halo.

The new suite of smart devices and software transforms an RV into a secure, connected and convenient smart home on wheels, Winegard said.

“Whether you’re a weekend warrior, part-timer, full-timer or work camper, RV Halo offers tailored solutions to enhance your RV experience. RV Halo App Pro membership along with the suite of smart devices will bring you the features many enjoy in homes now to your RV,” the company said.

Key features of the RV Halo ecosystem include:

  • RV health monitoring: Easily manage Winegard smart devices using the RV Halo App. Access an intuitive app dashboard for insights and controls.
  • Real-time security: Get notified of any concerns with regards to where your RV is located, temperature spikes, water leaks, motion detection and many more things through the RV Halo App and connected RV Halo ecosystem devices.
  • Future-ready: RV Halo is not just an app; it’s the future of Winegard connectivity and user experience. Exciting plans are in place to expand the app’s functionality and the range of products it enhances, promising a brighter future for RV enthusiasts, the company said. RV Halo is compatible with select Winegard and WiFiRanger connectivity products.
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