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Visit the initial National Park in the world and be close by. For our two gift shops, which are situated on the busiest city in town, we need couples. Retail sales and customer service, refilling, costs and putting aside new products when it arrives, and gentle cleaning when nothing else needs to be done are some of your responsibilities.

We provide a FHU, 50 AMP RV space with your employment for $10.00 per person, per hour. We offer a $4.00 per day, per person bonus at the end of the year for couples who fulfill their contract. From the start of May until the third weekend of October, we will be depending on you. To allow you to discover the Park or take a break, you may work the same shifts and take two days off continuously.

You won’t receive a surprise 1099 at the end of the year because this is just another W- 2 job. We are entirely responsible for paying for the RV page. No “rent” will be deducted from your search for your RV place. To get in touch with me and submit your application, kindly utilize the internet target.

Call Information: Reinsch, Jennifer
Phone Range: 406-646-9577

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