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As one of the primary brands under the Forest River banner, Rockwood offers a comprehensive selection of towable RVs. They boast practical, lightweight, and quality solutions for RVers looking for their next towable option. Known for balancing modern luxury and intelligent designs, these are popular options for those looking for a lightweight towable.

Here we provide a product and company overview of Rockwood RVs, including a brief rundown of their entire lineup, to offer you an entry point into their brand as you shop for your next RV.

Rockwood at a Glance

Image by Camping World

Rockwood offers a significant range of lightweight towable options, including robust pop-up and tent lineups. You’ll find multiple floorplans under each of its models, and Rockwood offers over 70 original floorplans across all nine of its RV lines.

For those shopping for RVs with a low towing requirement, you get to dial in your preferences across a range of options and types from Rockwood.

And that’s where Rockwood distinguishes itself as an RV manufacturer: While most of its lineup is fairly nimble, there’s no shortage of thoughtful design choices, robust features, and creative floorplans. We’re talking outdoor kitchens, designer furniture, one-piece queen Murphy beds, solid cabinetry, spacious kitchens, tire pressure monitoring, big vent fans, and much more.

With over fifty years in the business, Rockwood continues to evolve and improve its lineup with frequent new layouts debuting each year across its model lines and persistent upgrades in design, features, and technology — more of which we’ll explore in this article.

A Complete Overview of Rockwood RV Floor Plans and Models

Image by Camping World

Rockwood has a longstanding reputation for providing multiple lightweight models and floor plans across various types of towables. Yet this veteran manufacturer continues to push the envelope with new designs, floorplan concepts, and construction and amenities choices.

From fifth wheels to tent trailers, walking through the Rockwood lineup is a mixtape of thoughtful design choices with the RVer’s camping experience in mind. And if you worry what you’ll find with a limited towing capacity, the Rockwood lineup won’t disappoint. Check out the various Rockwood RV floor plans to find yours.

Fifth Wheels

Image by Camping World

Rockwood offers a single line of fifth wheel towables: Rockwood Signature Fifth Wheels. With most units coming in around 10,000 lbs — and the heaviest unit coming in at just under 11,000 pounds — Rockwood’s fifth wheels are typically lightweight and agile, great for the traveling couple or small family.

The Signature fifth wheels are robust in features. On the interior, you’ll find niceties like solid surface countertops, residential soft-close drawers, deluxe theater seating (standard in most models), and detailed attention to functionality and comfort.

In 2024, all Rockwood Signature fifth wheels have an optional Power Package, providing enhanced energy efficiency and off-grid options, including solar. For those looking for a fifth wheel that can adapt to boondocking quickly without a lot of hassle, the Signature line might be a great option.

Rockwood Signature Fifth Wheels

Rockwood Signature has ten unique floor plans, boasting spacious configurations in a lightweight fifth wheel. These floorplans include rear kitchen, rear dining, rear living, and bunkhouse layouts with two to four slide-outs to expand the living space when parked.

  • Weight: 8,804 – 10,884 pounds
  • Length: 28’ 11” – 36’ 8”
  • Sleeping Capacity: 4-10
  • Tire pressure monitor system and screen
  • Spacious layout
  • 6 Sided Fully Aluminum Frame
  • Theater seating (in most models)
  • Optional Power Package

Shop Rockwood Signature fifth wheels at Camping World. 

Travel Trailers

Image by Camping World

There’s always more to a Rockwood travel trailer than what you gather at first glance — even if it’s an impressive first glance. Rockwood travel trailers pack a lot into their smaller, shorter models — like the Geo Pro — and maximize the capabilities of its larger models, like the Rockwood Signature.

From a four-slide Rockwood Signature model to the smallest twelve-foot Geo Pro, you’ll see clever design choices across the various sizes and spaces that set up its owners for comfortable, adaptive camping.

Rockwood Signature Travel Trailers

All eight Rockwood Signature travel trailer floor plans come in at less than 10,000 pounds unloaded. They offer as many as four flush-floor slide-outs to provide ample interior space. You’ll find queen and king-bed options, spacious kitchens with residential countertops and full-extension soft-close drawers, and construction elements that ensure reliability for the long haul.

  • Weight: 7,649 – 9,669 pounds
  • Length: 29’ 11” – 36’ 8”
  • Sleeping Capacity: [TBD]
  • Sedona wood cabinetry
  • Frameless windows with black-out shades
  • Deluxe theater seating
  • Washer/dryer prep
  • Underbed storage

Shop Rockwood Signature travel trailers at Camping World.

Ultra Lite Travel Trailers

Image by Camping World

The Ultra Lite is available in nine versatile floorplan options with front and rear bedrooms. Each unit is equipped with an outdoor awning and griddle. On the interior, you’ll find designer theater seating, a removable dinette, and spacious bedrooms. These travel trailers are great for couples, though there are two bunkhouse options.

  • Weight: 6,641 – 8,559 pounds
  • Length: 29’ 8” – 35’ 5”
  • Sleeping Capacity: 3-8
  • Large wardrobe or wardrobe slide
  • Sedona wood cabinetry
  • Frameless windows with black-out shades
  • Deluxe theater seating
  • Washer/dryer prep

Shop Rockwood Ultra Lite travel trailers at Camping World. 

Mini Lite

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The Rockwood Mini Lite is one of Rockwood’s most popular and appealing towables. This niche segment offers a quality unit with one-of-a-kind features at a weight that suits a wide array of tow vehicles. All but one of the 11 unique floorplan options weigh less than 6,000 pounds dry, and each includes one or two slide-outs, a U-shaped dinette or theater seating, and a full dry bathroom.

Insider Tip: Pay attention to how they use the Murphy bed in the Mini Lites to transform spaces by offering a more spacious layout with additional storage access.

  • Weight: 4,493 – 6,177 pounds
  • Length: 22’ 4” – 25’ 11”
  • Sleeping Capacity: 4
  • One-piece queen Murphy bed
  • Well-designed outdoor kitchen
  • Frameless windows with black-out shades
  • Wood cabinetry

Shop Rockwood Mini Lite travel trailers at Camping World.


Image by Rockwood

The Roo is an incredible hybrid travel trailer that gets the most bang for its buck by offering unique and creative sleeping options with multiple flip-out bed ends. The Roo comes in four floorplans, with 2-3 queen-size beds, a full bathroom, and a kitchenette in each.

  • Weight: 4,259 – 5,639 pounds
  • Length: 21’ 2” – 24’ 10”
  • Sleeping Capacity: up to 10
  • Heated mattresses
  • Drop-down bunk beds
  • Solid step entry
  • Outdoor griddle
  • Heated holding tanks

Shop for the Rockwood Roo travel trailer at Camping World. 

Geo Pro

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For nimble camping with choice features and amenities, it’s hard to beat the Rockwood Geo Pro. Maxing out at 21’ in length with its largest model, the Rockwood Geo Pro is a leader in the small camper segment, offering surprisingly comfortable floorplan options given the reduced space. The slide-out on some larger models makes this an especially appealing camper for those looking for small but capable.

With 13 unique floorplan options ranging from the ultra-minimalist two-person G12S to the more substantial G20FKS, this is one of the more robust lineups from Rockwood and allows you to dial in exactly what you’re looking for from a smaller unit.

  • Weight: 1,903 – 3,971 pounds
  • Length: 12’ 3” – 21’ 2”
  • Sleeping Capacity: 2-6
  • Solid step entry
  • Outdoor griddle
  • Outside spray port
  • 200W Roof Solar Panel
  • 20,000 BTU furnace

Shop for the Rockwood Geo Pro at Camping World. 

Pop-Up Travel Trailers

Rockwood offers some of the most capable and quality pop-up campers on the market, and they have been building in this segment since 1975. This lineup includes Hard Side Series pop-up campers, the Extreme Sports Package, and the Rockwood Tent.

The pop-up trailers from Rockwood continue in the vein of its other RV types: lightweight, easily towable, quality, and comfortable. For the pop-up category, that means options like the hard-side pop-ups that offer something more substantial structurally while remaining nimble, thriving in that hybrid space. The same goes for the Extreme Sports and Tent versions, in different ways.

If you’ve never considered the benefits of a pop-up camper, simply peruse the hard-side high wall pop-ups from Rockwood to expand your understanding of this distinctive and oft-underappreciated segment.

Hard Side Series Pop-Up Campers

Image by Camping World

The Rockwood hard-side pop-up camper comes in three floorplans, two of which Rockwood refers to as “High Wall,” indicating more headroom. Each of these units, also called an A-frame camper, comes with generous, accessible storage in the form of the EZ Reach storage trunk located at the trailer’s nose.

Inside are multiple bed options, including a 54” x 80” single mattress, twin 30” x 74” mattresses, or a 60” x 80” single mattress. For the kitchen, you’ll find a refrigerator, a two or three-burner cooktop, a microwave, and a sink. Each unit also comes with a convenient dinette.

  • Weight: 2,120 – 2,700 pounds
  • Length: 18’ 4” – 20’ 4”
  • Sleeping Capacity: 3
  • Outdoor griddle
  • Hot water package w/ outdoor spray port
  • 4 stabilizer jacks
  • Automatic gas regulator
  • Electric brakes

Shop the Rockwood Hard Side Pop-up Campers at Camping World.

Extreme Sports Package

Image by Rockwood

For a more agile and off-road capable pop-up, look to the Rockwood Extreme Sports Package (ESP), which features increased ground clearance, sport tires, and solar options to improve your boondocking capability. The ESP comes in four floorplans for those who want a quick, comfortable, and no-nonsense setup.

An “Extreme Option” is also available for the Rockwood ESP, which includes such upgrades as an outdoor griddle, heated mattress bunk ends, 15” Mud Rover tires, a power roof lift, a spray away utility hose, and more.

  • Weight: 2,246 – 2,952 pounds
  • Length: 14’ 11” – 21’ 6”
  • Sleeping Capacity: 4
  • Exterior black diamond plating
  • 12V electric water pump
  • 3-burner cooktop w/ cover
  • Solar prep

Shop the Rockwood Extreme Sports Package pop-ups at Camping World.

Rockwood Tent

Image by Camping World

Comprising four different series with ten total floorplans, the tent trailers from Rockwood offer dynamic options ranging from basic to hybrid. In these unique campers, Rockwood combines tent camping with the distinctive elements of travel trailers.

Off the Ground Series

This minimalist unit is perfect for getting you off the uneven ground, out of the elements, and into a comfortable eating and dining space wherever you go —  without adding too much weight to your rig. It’s currently available in two floorplans.

Freedom Series

An upgrade from the Off the Ground Series, Freedom Series units include convenient improvements like a power roof lift, hot water package, 3-burner cooktop, outdoor griddle, and more. In size, these are longer and more substantial than the Off the Ground Series.

Shop Rockwood Freedom Series at Camping World.

Limited Series

The size of the Limited Series is more comparable to the Off the Ground Series but with such additions as a heated mattress, awning, and power lift system. This also includes a flip-down galley for storage and food.

High Wall Series

The most substantial of the Rockwood tent pop-up trailers, the High Wall Series boasts a 40-amp portable solar panel, a spare tire with a carrier and cover, an awning with LED lighting, a 12V refrigerator, and more.

Shop Rockwood High Wall Series at Camping World. 

  • Weight: 1,903 – 3,971 pounds
  • Length: 11’ 3” – 21’ 3”
  • Sleeping Capacity: Up to 6
  • Wood interior
  • Residential Cabinet Doors
  • Privacy Curtains
  • Wood drawers with metal glides

Standout Rockwood Features

Image by Camping World

Consider the evidence:

  • One-piece Murphy beds in the Mini Lite travel trailers that can transform the space.
  • The A-Frame design of the Hard Side pop-up trailers and subsequent EZ Reach storage trunk.
  • Expanding drop-down bunks in the Roo.

Many standout Rockwood features benefit a specific model, which is a testament to how much Rockwood customizes its units for a specific purpose.

But let’s identify other Rockwood features that span across various towable lines. Think flush-floor slideouts, heated mattresses, and Sedona and Autumn wood cabinets. These characterize the Rockwood brand, and you can look for the following features in most, if not all, Rockwood models.

Power Packages

Many Rockwood towables, including some Geo Pro, Mini Lite, and Signature fifth wheel and travel trailers, come equipped with a power package – or have the option to have one installed. These power packages are designed to make select units more energy self-sufficient and can run certain appliances like your microwave and A/C when not connected to shore power.

Power packages typically include solar panels (and an additional port), a 400 or 460-amp lithium battery, a 3000 or 3500-watt inverter/charger, and a digital display to control all components. There are additional upgrade options available to tailor to your exact boondocking and energy needs.

Tire Pressure Monitors

On towables, tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) make towing safer and can improve your tires’ performance. Having and using a TPMS can also reduce wear and tear on suspension components and improve fuel efficiency. Rockwood includes a TPMS on their Signature fifth wheels and travel trailers, Ultra Lite, Mini Lite, Roo, and Geo Pro towables.

Window Options

Part of what gives Rockwood RVs their modern, clean aesthetic are the tinted, frameless windows equipped with black-out, pull-down shades on the interior. These tints can reduce the strain on your A/C and protect the material on the RV’s interior.

In addition, Rockwood offers a Thermopane window option, a dual-pane construction that increases insulation, reduces noise, and minimizes condensation. This option is available on all Signature, Mini Lite, and Ultra Lite towables.

Other notable Rockwood features include:

  • Enclosed underbelly
  • Six-sided aluminum framed construction
  • High gloss front cap
  • Electronically controlled heated holding tanks
  • Vacuum laminated one-piece walls and roof

Post Purchase Support

Image by Camping World

Many customers vouch for the construction quality of Rockwood RVs. Rockwood falls under Forest River’s warranty, which is a standard 12-month limited warranty covering defects in material or workmanship.

Flagstaff and Rockwood

Flagstaff and Rockwood are sibling RV brands, both falling under the greater Forest River umbrella. These RV lines are nearly identical in their offerings, though color differs from unit to unit. Both RV lines are manufactured in the same location and undergo similar processes.

So why two brands?

At one point, Flagstaff and Rockwood were independent RV lines, though still owned by a sole entity. Through acquisitions and company changes, the lines were combined into one offering. These lines remain distinct for variety in aesthetics and how dealerships operate within given territories.

The Rockwood RV Manufacturing History

Image by Camping World

From its inception in 1972 to its current formidable placement among Forest River’s popular RV lines, Rockwood’s history follows a bit of a winding path. The company was started in 1972 by Arthur E. Chapman, grandson to Arthur Schrock, whose company, Star Tank & Boat, would go on to become Starcraft.

After being sold by Arthur Chapman in the early 80s, ownership of Rockwood changed multiple times until 1996 when Forest River acquired the business. Rockwood also maintains a presence in New Zealand, represented by Sun Marketing Ltd. Rockwood’s manufacturing center is located in Millersburg, Indiana, where the company originated.


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