Unraveling Workamping’s Wonders

Ever wonder what workamping is all about? At Hey RV Guys, we’re here to unravel the wonders of workamping for you. As Workamper Concierge members, our team is dedicated to helping you learn all there is to know about this unique lifestyle. Discover the freedom, adventure, and endless possibilities that workamping brings. Join us on this journey and let us guide you through the workamping experience.

RV enthusiasts from all walks of life have encountered the term “WORKAMPERS” but may hold some misconceptions about who they are and what their lifestyle en tails.

Workampers are not solely retired individuals working in campgrounds, but a diverse community encompassing a range of ages and backgrounds.

With over half of Workampers considering themselves non-retired, it becomes evident that most rely on more than just rent-free camping to sustain their lifestyles. Workamping encompasses a multitude of activities where the exchange of valuable skills and services plays a pivotal role.

Workamping embarks on an incredible journey that merges the joys of RV camping with various work opportunities. Whether you’re an individual, couple, or family, if you engage in work, manage a business, or contribute as a volunteer while relishing the comfort of your RV, you are a proud Workamper! Embrace this phenomenal lifestyle and allow us to expertly guide you through the limitless possibilities. Trust Hey RV Guys as your ultimate go-to resource for all things Workamping. We are dedicated to assisting one RV’er at a time in making their dreams come true!

In the United States, Workamping (a portmanteau word) is a combination of work and camping. A Workamper combines part-time or full-time paid or volunteer work with RV or tent camping. Workampers generally receive compensation in the form of a free campsite, usually with free utilities and additional wages. Workamping positions can include working at campgrounds, RV resorts, mobile home communities, Christmas tree or pumpkin sales lots, amusement parks, motels/hotels, national parks, state parks, U.S. Army Corps of Engineer locations, national monuments, lighthouses, retail stores, food service, sales and more. Workamping is particularly popular among retirees. While year round Workamping jobs do exist, many Workamping positions are seasonal.

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